There are many different models, makes and types of Spindles. So when disassembling and determining cause of failure it is important for every detail to be recorded. Such as, was there a lack of lubrication? Was there a motor failure? Were the Spindle bearings improperly preloaded causing bearing failure?

Even the actual disassembly process is one that must be performed with little margin of error. Hydraulic rotors, spacers and locking nuts must be removed with the proper tools in order to maintain secure fits for reassembly, and as to not damage the parts causing rework or possible replacement of the parts.

Larger Spindles may require large amounts of pressure to disassemble. Numerous amounts of tools may be used in the process to disassemble Spindles correctly causing little or no damage to internal and external parts, and TDM USA INC. has the tools that are required. When disassembly is complete, motors are tested to be in perfect working order, the parts are then pre cleaned to remove any surface imperfection that might cause any type of deviance when inspecting the critical sizes.