Milling Spindles

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These spindles were designed to be used on machine tools for the production of components for the aeronautical and automotive industries. These motor spindles combine high rigidity and high rotational speed. The design of TDM spindles are always based on the same concept from spindle to spindle. Spindles are tested to meet the high technological requirements in optimal way.

For coolant through the spindle and the cutting tool TDM has designed internally a rotary union with most interesting performances. It allows to obtain a pressure of 300 bar up to 30’000 RPM. This peculiarity allows to drill in a short time deep holes also for small diameters. Moreover its special conception guarantees a much higher life in respect to traditional rotary unions.

Variable hydraulic preload means a preloading system of the ball bearings using small hydraulic pistons (A). It is called variable because of its advantage to be adapted for instance in respect to the speed. This means that bearing life can be considerably increased as they work at any speed in the best possible conditions. A further advantage of this solution is high rigidity of the spindle.

A mechanical indexing system of the shaft (B) allows to perform milling and turning operations using always the same moving axis of the spindle. TDM’s particular conception allows to obtain radial positioning accuracy of the shaft of +/-2 m/m and to apply this system also for small size spindles.

Features / General Specifications

  • Power: Up to 100 kW
  • Moment: Up to 1200 Nm (S1)
  • Tool holder: HSK, ISO, Capto and others
  • Bearing lubrication: Permanent grease or air-oil lubrication
  • Spindle diameter: Up to 400 mm
  • Motors: Synchronous and asynchronous
  • Bearings: Hybrid bearings, steel and ceramic