Light Milling Spindles

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Conceived to be used on machine tools for the watch industry components manufacturing, spindles for light milling effectively combine high rigidity and compact design. Apart from working with very close tolerances, these spindles can be mounted next to another with a significantly reduced space between the spindles axes (up to 55mm). Despite the compact design, sensors can be mounted to check various parameters such as vibration, shock, thermal expansion, bearing temperature and encoders. TDM SA can offer to its clients a wide range of spindles for light milling.


The MR spindle is made for compact applications. For example, with Spindle type MR 10.I10P.03-B, you can mount separate spindles side by side with a distance of only 55 mm in-between Spindle noses.

Despite their compact design, all construction, as more simply done with large-sized spindles, the MR Spindles are constructed to the highest standards and finest details. For example, with Spindle type MR 10.I10P.00-B, you can run it up to 60,000 RPM and have automatic tool change as well as thread cutting thanks to the encoder. This type spindle guarantees practically unchanged axial length of the spindle nose.

This type of Spindle has been designed to have axial elongation of the spindle nose almost zero.


Spindle, type TS, includes a wide range models.

This was made possible by a highly modular design that allows us to have different interfacing tools (with either the HSK or ISO type) and also the possibility to change depending on the engine maximum torque necessary in terms of speed required. This spindle is successful, thanks to the extraordinary mechanical and thermal stability.High performance can actually be achieved and at the same time maintain a remarkable life.

Another advantage is the remarkable stability in terms of the axial long as the spindle nose, which remains unchanged practical.


The TR and TH are the classic cylindrical housing spindles models we catalog.  We ended with a 100mm diameter, considering that beyond this is no longer considered light milling.

In this product category, the modularity of TDM conceptions allows us to obtain, with a minimal effort, large and small tool holders operating with or without refrigeration through the tool (up to 4351 psi or 30,000 rpm) with or without encoder and a custom motor.


Features / General Specifications

  • Power: Up to 100 kW
  • Moment: Up to 1200 Nm (S1)
  • Tool holder: HSK, ISO, Capto and others
  • Bearing lubrication: Permanent grease or air-oil lubrication
  • Spindle diameter: Up to 400 mm
  • Motors: Synchronous and asynchronous
  • Bearings: Hybrid bearings, steel and ceramic