Adaptor Spindles

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Developed to be used on machine tools and for make dies and molds. These spindles designed to be mounted into ISO or HSK taper of machine tool main spindle. Thanks to an easily managed solution, benefits can be gained from new technology for high speeds applications. As an option to make the work cycle completely automatic, spindles can be equipped by an automatic tool changer.


Offers a variety of alternatives according to power, spindle speed and available space. High speed motorspindles are supplied with oil-air lubrication and water cooling. Maintenance friendly motorspindles with lubrication of ball bearings by grease and air cooling of motor are also available. Interface allows the use of a number of different tool holders, also type ISO or HSK for tool change.

TDM adapter spindle mounted on the spindle of your machine using tool holder ISO or HSK allows with simple solutions the application of the most advanced technologies also on traditional machines.

Planetary gear heads allow you to use an additional working axis. Using CNC solution it is possible to monitor directly through the original machine control offering the possibility (as already with the “manual mode”) to perform operations such as internal grinding of holes or external cylindrical grinding.


Allows an automatic operating cycle. The range of this serial consists of 3 types MK and are motorspindles with an excellent ratio power/size and a high rigidity.

Using an extension and at the same time a different working angle it is possible to perform operations such as PRE-MILLING AND FINISH MILLING ON HIDDEN SIDES.


Features / General Specifications

  • Power: Up to 12 kW
  • Moment: Up to 12 Nm (S1)
  • Tool holder: SK, HSK, ISO
  • Bearing lubrication: Permanent grease or air-oil lubrication
  • Spindle diameter: Up to 150 mm
  • Motors: Synchronous and asynchronous
  • Bearings: Hybrid bearings, steel and ceramic