How long does it take to repair a spindle?

TDM USA can offer one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. When your spindle reaches our shop, it will be signed into our database, assigned a repair number and disassembled within 24 hours. The spindle is disassembled, cause of failure is determined and an estimate is prepared. If the spindle is a basic repair requiring no rework repairs take approximately 4-5 days after approval of quote. Spindles requiring rework will require 7-10 days for repair. If your company is in a more urgent situation TDM USA offers S.E.S  TDM USA EXPIDITED SERVICE, which guarantees your spindle back to you no matter what within 5 business days.

What are the basic steps to repairing a spindle?

After all parts have been clean, all spacers are ground and lapped to correct tolerances, any dimensionally critical surface that are out of specification will need to be Ground Plate and Ground back to correct specs, Any parts that require paint will be powder coated. Then any damaged surfaces such as wrench flats, locking nuts or any external parts will be repaired. Any and all types of seals, sensors, or additional parts will be replaced, bearings are then lubricated, properly preloaded and spindle is reassembled. Then all spindles are test run up to max speed with customer tool if applicable, a vibration report is taken, and then it will be repacked and returned to the customer.

What is the cost to repair a spindle?

The cost to repair a spindle is determined by many factors, possible rework of parts, replacement of parts, rework or replacement of motor (if applicable), labor time involved, possible drawbar issues, price and availability of  bearings, and generally the condition of the spindle itself. If a simple bearing replacement is all that is required a “Basic Repair” price (ball park figure) can be given, although it is usually more of a pricing guide line to give the customer more of an idea of what they may expect until we receive the spindle in house. TDM USA offers a no strings attached clause, which basically states that if after we have disassembled your spindle and provided an estimate if you decline to proceed with the repair, or do not approve the estimate we have provided, we will return your spindle in its original package at no cost to you besides the return shipping cost.

Note: it is often impossible to re-assemble heavily damaged components. In cases where the repair is not approved and reassembly is not possible the spindle will be returned disassembled.

What are the Spindle Warranty and Limitations?

The repaired and rebuilt spindles carry a warranty against defects in material and workmanship (other than bearing failure) of one (1) full year (2,000 hours) from date of shipment. This is provided that the spindle was properly installed, operated and maintained according to the Manufacturers’ Service and Maintenance Manuals.

What conditions would void warranty?

Provided that the spindle was properly installed, separated and maintained according to manufacturers’ service and maintenance manuals.
The warranty will be null and void when caused by any of the following:

What is imbalance?

Imbalance is a condition when a rotating part’s mass does not lie at the center of rotation. This causes a force (vibration) at the frequency of rotation. If the vibration is significant, it can shorten the life of the bearings and damage other parts of the spindle. Imbalance can be corrected. Weight can be attached in various ways or material can be removed by grinding, or drilling. This moves the mass back to the center of rotation. This process will improve spindle performance and add to the longevity of the spindle bearings. TDM USA is equipped with the latest in balancing technology. From companies like Schenck, Hofmann, and Cemb.